The backdrop

Bonnie made this beautiful backdrop and I took her photo on the day of our first stall. The wind was ‘unseasonally strong’ that day and both of us had spent all day cursing the backdrop as it obscured our faces from the customers. But in this photo Bonnie sits proud in front of her creation. Trees are central to our mission, but we also love beautiful things. Hand sewing these letters and details illustrates how much we value beauty, fabric and craft.

Some garments can be bought for very little on the high street but there is a hidden cost. The basic natural resources like water and land for farming, the rivers polluted by dye, the cheap labour and lives of people in poorer parts of the world. The ever rising carbon dioxide concentration.

As I look at this photo I hope Bonnie and I will witness the carbon dioxide PPM start to plateau and decline. Net Zero feels like Narnia.

Isabel Christie

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